Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

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If you care about comfort then you need to take care of your vehicle's suspension system.

Suspension System

Your steering and suspension system play a huge role in how well your vehicle operates and how safe it is to drive. When you go over bumps, the supension soaks up all the force so you do not feel the bumps. The suspension system also plays a vital role when your car is turning around corners. Not only does it provide comfort but also allows the tires and brakes to work as designed. Below are some of the major components in a suspension system.


Springs absorb the energy when you go over a pothole or a bump and consequently the occupants of the car do not feel the force. Imagine jumping up on the ground versus a trampoline—the trampoline obviously is more comfortable. Springs more or less act like a trampoline. Most cars have 4 springs.


Shocks help to dampen the natural tendency of springs wanting to oscillate. Continuing with our trampoline example, it will not be comfortable if we went over a bump and the car kept rocking up and down for a period of time. Shocks are what stops the rocking.


A strut is a unit that combines springs and shocks into one unit.

Sway or Roll Bar

When turning or going around corners, the natural forces want to roll your car over. Clearly this is not what we want. The sway bar (or roll bar) counteracts this force and helps keep the inside wheel on the ground.


The wheels and the rotor rotate around the spindle. The spindle also connects to the lower control arm and the upper control arm. Through travel, the spindle is to to stay as parallel to the road as possible. It helps to keep the tire in contact wiht the road as much as possible.

Ball Joints

The suspension is designed to move up and down with the road. This is accomplished with control arms which are connected to the spindle by ball joints. A ball joint is, well, a ball and a socket joint which allows movement in 2 dimensions.

Common Problems

alt textHere are some signs which indicate it is time to repair your brakes:

  • Shocks and struts can wear out and affect the vehicle handling.
  • Ball joints can also wear out and cause your car to wander.
  • Sway bar busings, if worn out, will allow the sway bar to clunk when turning.

Ask your Corsa Auto professional on what preventive measures can be taken to make sure the steering and suspension is in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common culprit is unbalanced tires but it is hard to say because there are a number of reasons why this could be happening. Only a thorough inspection can reveal the exact reason.

It may be a sign that your shocks and/or struts are worn out. Bring your car to Corsa Auto for an inspection to be sue.

No it is not! Again there are many reasons for this; perhaps your brake rotors are the reason.

An easy way to test this is to push down on a corner of your car and observe how many times it bounces. More than twice and your shocks are worn out.

Actually this is not normal. This could be related to your tires or a host of other things. Come see and we will let you know for sure.

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